Cornerstone Genealogical Society

Calendar of Events


General Membership Meetings are held at 7:00 PM the second Tuesday of every month with the exception of December.  Meetings are held at the Cornerstone Genealogical Society Library, unless otherwise indicated.  These meetings are open to the public as well as the membership.

2018 Guest Speaker Schedule:

    ***Please note that the Guest Speaker Schedule is subject to change***

 Contact CGS library at 724-627-5653 for more information.

January 9: "Carmichaels’ Cemeteries" Shelley Anderson Meeting cancelled

February 13: "Waynesburg High’s 1935 Basketball Section Champions" Zack Patton

March 13: "1948 Donora Smog Disaster" Brian Charlton of the Donora Smog Museum

April 10: "17th Century Family Naming Patterns" Ronald Montgomery

May 8: "Silas Crayne and Lippencott’s Calvary Baptist Church" Connie Grimes

June 12: Annual Picnic at the Museum Barn

July 10: "Things Go Better with Coke" David Keller

August 14: "Field Trip to Jesse Taylor’s Monument in Jollytown" Judge Terry Grimes

September 11: "A Surprise Landing on Cabbage Flats: General Billy Mitchell" Bill Miller

October 9: "The Rain Day Boys of WWI" Glenn Toothman and Candice Buchannan

November 13: Cornerstone Genealogical Society - Annual Dinner Meeting