Individual documents and records available by mail order from Cornerstone Genealogical Society

These records are available for purchase by members and non-members.


We have a vast collection of Obituaries.  Obituaries can be found in numerous resources in our library.  Our indexes (Obituaries on Micro-film and in Books) includes a listing for all obituaries in these resources, so some may be duplicates.  It would be helpful to our research staff if you would include known information regarding the individual you’re seeking, so that we can then determine the correct obituary.  Include known information such as parents, spouse, children, where they lived, etc.  Dates listed for the Obituaries on Micro-film are the newspaper publication date of the obituary or death notice.  

Index for obituaries can be found on these links:

Obituaries on Micro-Film

Obituaries in Books


The cost is $3.00 per obituary and a large self-addressed, stamped envelope should be included with your request (keep in mind that extra postage should be added if more than four are requested - figure about about four pages per ounce).  Remember that earlier (pre-1890) death notices/obituaries may be only a line or two noting an individual's death. 

Obituary order form


Wills and Estate Records

Original Will and Estate Records 1796-2002 are available for order from our library.  These records were computerized by the Greene County Courthouse in Waynesburg, Pa. and made available to our library.  We cannot guarantee that all of these records are complete, nor can we be responsible for the quality of the documents.  If we find that our printed quality of a specific individual record is poor, we will direct you to contact the Courthouse to obtain a photocopy of the original document.  We can only send what is available in our library.

An index for the Wills and Estates can be found on the following link:

Greene County Records by James Fordyce

Note: we do not have copies of the original birth, death, or marriage records found on Mr. Fordyce's site.  Books with these transcribed birth / death records and marriage index is also available in our library.  If you wish to obtain a copy of the original, you will need to contact the Greene County Courthouse.

The cost for wills and estate records are $5.00 for the 1st page and $0.50 for each additional page.  A large self-addressed, stamped envelope should be included with your request (keep in mind that extra postage should be added if the documents contain more than four pages - figure about four pages per ounce).  Our library can be contacted to verify the size and content of the record before ordering. 

Will and Estate order form

Funeral Home Records

The amount of information found in the records of the various funeral homes varies greatly. While all include the death date and place and burial place, some of them, particularly the more recent ones, contain a good deal of other information such as the cause of death, birth date and place, parents’ names, spouse’s name and names of surviving family members. 

Funeral Home records are available for the following Funeral Homes:

Garrison Funeral Home 1909-1976

Lucas & Behm Funeral Homes 1928-1980

Church & Mariner-Milliken Funeral Home 1949-1955

Mariner-Milliken Funeral Home 1960-1997 

Parkinson Funeral Home

Scott Funeral Home 1945-1956
Weaver Funeral Home (Please note: Record numbers 836 to 1290 are currently missing from our files for the Weaver Funeral Home.  We are attempting to locate copies of the original.)

Index to Funeral Home Records


Individual Records are available for $2.00 per record.  A large self-addressed, stamped envelope should be included with your request.  

Funeral Home Record order form


Greene County Memorial Park (GCMP) Cemetery Records


Greene County Memorial Park Cemetery is located on Jefferson Road, Waynesburg, Pa. 

Some of the information that can be gleaned from these records: name, place of residence, late residence, age (year, month, day), sex, social status, date of death, cause of death, date of interment, name of undertaker, near relatives, friends & remarks.


Indexes to Greene County Memorial Park:

Book 1

Book 2A

Book 2B

Book 3

Book 4


Individual Records are available for $2.00 per record / page.  A large self-addressed, stamped envelope should be included with your request. 

GCMP Record order form


Any further inquires or questions please contact our library at 724-627-5653 during business hours: Monday thru Friday 1-4 PM. and Saturdays 10-3:30 PM.