What's New?

CGS To Launch New Web-Site

            We are pleased to announce that we will unveil a revamped web-site in 2021.  Among its new features:

·         A Members Only portal that will provide access to databases that heretofore have been available only on our library’s in-house computers.  These databases include:  the complete archive of the Cornerstone Clues, 1975-2020, word-searchable within a given year; the Yearbooks of Greene County’s five high schools, through 2017; the early hand-written Tax Books, broken down by township.  There will be “Poor Farm” records, Greene County directories, family histories, Bible records, and other sources of genealogical data, most of these digital files available through the efforts of Jim Fordyce.

·         Paypal capability that will allow for direct payment for books, other sale items, and membership renewals.

·         The ability for members to post queries and share genealogical information in real time.

·         Electronic dissemination of obituaries.

            Obviously, the growth of the Internet has revolutionized the sharing of information generally and genealogical research in particular.  CGS has been fortunate to have had able volunteers to help us find a place on the world-wide web.  Howdy Craft established the first CGS web-site circa 1995 on roots web, and Earl Ketchem took our web presence to another level in 2003 after the move to the Old Log Courthouse.  Brenda Guthrie has built upon the efforts of these gentlemen in recent years.

            The new web-site, professionally produced, was in the works before the pandemic hit, but becomes essential now that welcoming visitors safely into our facility is limited.  The pace of change has quickened.

            Keep an eye out for the NEW cornersonegenealogy.com.  Twenty twenty-one is the future.

Membership Renewal

            The primary benefit of being a CGS member will be access to the Member Portal and the proprietary information therein.  Members will be provided with a user name and password.  Return the renewal form from the November Clues or download the form from the website with a check, as before. It will be some months before Paypal is instituted.

            In lieu of the Cornerstone Clues, a much shorter newsletter will be published and mailed—or, if preferred, e-mailed—to members.  We welcome suggestions as to the name of this newsletter.

            Additional member benefits that we are considering:  acceptance of e-mail inquiries; loan of library materials to long time members.

The Clues Bids You’ns Adieu

            November 2020 is the final issue of the Cornerstone Clues.

            In the February 2019 issue (vol. 44, #1, page 12) we detailed the history of the Clues, an all- volunteer effort that has produced four issues per year for 45 years.  Having reached a milestone—feeling reasonably hale and near the top of our form—we choose this moment to attempt as graceful an exit as we can manage.

            We will henceforth publish member research and articles of Greene County interest directly to the web-site, where they will reach more readers--Google informs us about 350 people visit our web-site monthly, while circulation of the Clues has dropped below 300--at a greatly reduced cost.

            We offer this issue of the Clues as a keepsake.  We have gone back to 1971 to revive our founder Dorothy Hennen’s concept of “Persons, Places & Things Interesting to Greene County.”  We highlight the work of the five who have sat in the editor’s chair.  We strive to show what Greene County looks and feels like, the uniqueness of our home place.  We aspire to show the ties that bind the Genealogical Society and the Historical Society, for we share the same mission.  A big thank you to Jay Hammers, and Rhodes & Hammers, who have printed the Clues for over 30 years.  Hats off to our friends and contributors, some of whom are pictured inside the back cover.

            And so, though the Clues says farewell, we do not mean to neglect you, Dear Reader.  We shall continue to seek your attention, at a different time and in a different place.