Who We Are

The Cornerstone Genealogical Society (CGS) is an all-volunteer, non-profit– 501(c)(3)–organization dedicated to preserving the documented history of Greene County PA, especially as it relates to the early families.  Since 1975, we have been assembling a research library to assist those seeking forebears who may have resided in or near Greene County; and those who have an interest in the history of Greene County and the Upper Ohio River Valley region generally.

The historical and genealogical significance of Greene County has long been recognized by those interested in family history and the migration patterns of the early settlers of this nation.  English colonists first came to the Monongahela River and what is now Greene County about 1765 in the aftermath of the French & Indian War.  Its land area was claimed by both Pennsylvania and Virginia, the dispute settled in 1784 with the completion of Mason & Dixon’s Line.  Greene County was formally organized in 1796, out of Washington County PA, its population about 6,000 at that time: almost all were homesteaders and many were of Scots-Irish descent with Virginia pedigrees.

Library Holdings:

The centerpiece of our collection is 2,000 Family Histories–many privately published–of Greene County interest.  They are augmented by 1,700+ Surname Files of correspondence and miscellaneous documents.  We have 400 microfilm rolls of Greene County newspapers back to 1861, extensive Cemetery Records, maps, wills, and deed information.   We house the complete Pennsylvania Archives, the Mayflower Families Collection, general genealogical works, and materials on other Pennsylvania Counties—particularly Washington and Fayette.  Our States section is especially strong on West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Eastern Ohio.

Visitors to our Library have access to Ancestry.com and FamilySearch’s Affiliate Library proprietary databases.

Special Collections

The Greene County Obituary Books & Files:  Over 160,000 obituaries, funeral home records and memorials—fully indexed—of Greene Countians 1870 to the present.  Culled from newspapers, newspaper microfilm, scrapbooks, and funeral home archives.

Scrapbooks: One-Room Schools, Church Information, Specialized and General Topics: Extensive materials, organized by Township, related to the County’s many village churches and once extensive network of country schoolhouses.  We have over 100 scrapbooks covering all aspects of Greene County history.

Moredock Collection: Over 140 books, many rare and published in the 19th Century, related to the settlement of the Upper Ohio River Valley and the pioneer history of the Trans-Allegheny frontier, 1750-1825.

Sara Scott Collection:  Numerous original photos, family histories, narratives, obituaries and documents centering on Blacksville, [West] Virginia and surrounding areas in southern Greene County and north central Monongalia County, WV.

Officers for 2024

David Cressey, President; Zach Patton, Vice President;  Kathy Miller, Secretary; Barbara Pearl Cressey, Treasurer


Elaine Householder (2023-26), Candice Buchanan (2019-24), Glenn Toothman III (2023-25), Marla Patton (2024-26)

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