Greene County Cemeteries – Volume 4

Greene County Cemeteries – Volume 4


Color scans of tombstones found in Cemeteries in (or near) Greene County, PA. Images taken by James Fordyce, 2002-2003. A Master Index is included on the CD.

The Cemeteries in Vol. 4:

Adamson Cemetery – Morgan Township
Amity Cemetery – Amwell Twp. Washington County, PA

Bald Hill Cemetery – Dunkard Township
Behm Cemetery – Aleppo Township

Bosworth-Strope Cemetery – Aleppo Township

Cedar Grove Cemetery – Perry Township
Clark Cemetery – Franklin Township
Cowell Cemetery – Whiteley Township
Donham Cemetery – Monongahela Township

Dunkard Cemetery – Aleppo Township
Evans Cemetery – Aleppo Township
Fairview Cemetery – Dunkard Township
Garrison Cemetery – Dunkard Township
Garrison Cemetery – Gilmore Township
Grandview Cemetery – Freeport Township
Old Greensboro Cemetery – Monongahela Township

Hanna Cemetery – Monongahela Township
Isaac Headlee Cemetery – Perry Township
Hewitt Cemetery – Jefferson Township
Hill School Cemetery – Franklin Township

Keener Cemetery – Greene Township
Lapping Cemetery – Franklin Township
Lemley Cemetery – Perry Township
Linton Cemetery – Dunkard Township
Love Cemetery – Jefferson Township
Maple Cemetery – Monongahela Township
Miller Cemetery – Aleppo Township
Montongahela Hill Cemetery – Monongahela Township

Morris Cemetery – Franklin Township
Renner Cemetery – Gilmore Township
St. Mary’s Cemetery – Cumberland Township

Shepherd Cemetery – Cumberland Township

Slonaker Cemetery – Aleppo Township
Smith Cemetery – Jackson Township
South Cemetery – Greene Township
Steele Cemetery – Dunkard Township
Sugar Grove Cemetery – Aleppo Township

Tedrow Cemetery – Aleppo Township
Wade Cemetery – Perry Township

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